Sauna is an island of hope in a sea of hopeless health habits

Smoke sauna congress 2015

International Smoke sauna club had it`s 25th anniversary in July 2015. AT the same time Congress of Smoke Sauna was held and Declaration of Sauna Peace announced. ... more

Smoke sauna in Voru

Smoke sauna in Voru (Estonia) has a long living tradition. In 2014 UNESCO has recognized Voru smoke sauna tradition as part of World Heritage. You may catch a glimpse of Estonian smoke sauna in our gallery and even better - by participating in organized annually Smoke S ... more


Important dictionary of sauna terms. You can find out what names saunas are called in other countries! ... more


Skin is the layer between the body and environment. Skins allows the body to meet the environment and to physically feel what the world is made of. It is a third brain, acting as a mirror of our health. It very important to understand the function of human skin during b ... more

Making whisks

Whisk is a very simple and old tool made of birch twigs. It is used in traditional nordic European steam bath. Whisking comes maybe from urge to scratch ones back while in hotroom. There are many ways to make it, but one should make it handy for himself. ... more

Heat effect

Heat is the main factor affecting the experience in any type of a sauna. We can be affected by air, steam, water and infrared influenced by varying elevated temperatures. The body temperature of a person in a sauna rises up to 38-40°C. This temperature kills pathoge ... more


For any healthy person the sauna bath presents no health risk, but rather gives a pleasant, relaxing and refreshing experience beneficial to both body and mind. It cleanses the pores of the skin, alleviates aches and pains and helps many people sleep more soundly. ... more


The inventor of whisking, as of many other beneficial affairs remain unknown. Whisking is as old as hot steam bathing. Whisking is a special form of bath massage, which requires the presence of hot steam and whisk usually made of small birch twigs. ... more


International smoke sauna club

International smoke sauna club

Kansainvälinen Savusaunaklubi ry perustettiin klubi-isännän savusaunassa Mouhijärven Häijäässä 12/8 vuonna 1990. Tällöin perustajat totesivat, että savusaunan know-how on suomalaisilta unohtunut viimeisimmän puolen vuosisadan aikana, mutta kiinnostus savusaunaa kohtaan on uudestaan kasvanut.Puutteellisen asiantuntemuksen vuoksi nykyään tehdään…

Det Danske Saunaselskab

Det Danske Saunaselskab

Our purpose is to distribute knowledge about the original Finnish sauna, maintain the traditional sauna habits and avoid misunderstandings about sauna bathing. Furthermore our task is to enhance the sauna’s general significance for a healthy life and lifestyle.The Danish Sauna Association is working actively on developing the sauna culture in…

Japan Sauna Association

Japan Sauna Association

Japan Sauna Spa Association shall always be of service to people in promoting good  health and provide active and energetic ways of life for tomorrow,thus,contribute to various social activities in happy and healthy manners.…

Finnish Sauna Society

Finnish Sauna Society

The Finnish Sauna Society is a cultural association founded in 1937 to foster the heritage of the national bath. The Society has around 4200 members. The function of the Finnish Sauna Society is to preserve the traditional native sauna culture, spread information about it, correct wrong impressions about the sauna, emphasize the meaning of sauna bathing for…

Lithuanian Bath Academy

Lithuanian Bath Academy

Lithuanian bath academy is a not-for-profit organization. Our main task is to research and spread the know-how of Lithuanian pirtis and similiar type of bathing. We organize pirtis mastership…