Sauna plants: whisks, mythology and rituals

Date: 2019-07-29, 11:00
Organizer : Lithuanian Bath Academy

Special 2 days Summer course, July 29-30

Lithuanian pirtis (sauna) is well known by its tradition to use many different plants and whisk. We are glad to announce the first international Summer course for those who are interested to learn this tradition and to acquaire practical skills of using plants in steam bath procedures.

This is a special 2 days course, which includs a lot of practical work with trees and herbs, so it is possible only in Summer time. It requires having at least basic understanding about Lithuanian pirtis and whisking, but it is extreemly usefull also for more experienced bath masters, who wants to improve their skills.

Everyone from bath gourmand and family master all throught professional steam bath master will benefit from it.

 It consists of two intensive one day trainings:

Whisking with different plants ir Lithuanian sauna (pirtis).
A moment from seminar - learning whisking with different plants.

Seminar content

Bath phytotherapy and whisks

The seminar is planed in nature,so it may be affected by local weather. Our education plans:

  • Walkinhg in nature, geting acquainted with the main trees for whiskmaking.
  • Collecting branches for our whisks
  • Making whisks and sharing individual secrets
  • Learning main botanical features of the plants
  • Exploring body sensations of different whisks
  • Whisking procedure using different whisks
  • Lithuanian plants mythology
  • Preparing natural plant remedies for bath
  • Rituals and meditations with plants
  • Exploring secret qualities of whisks
  • Body rituals with different whisks

Whisk making in Lithuania. Birute Masiliauskiene.


Accomodation is offered in nice and cosy rooms at the seminar place. Additional price is 10€ per person per night.

Presented by

Birute. Bath master. Rimas. Bath master.

Birutė Masiliauskienė - bath master, bath plants specialist, international instructor.

Rimas Kavaliauskas - bath master,  international instructor.

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