Sweat Bath ABC. Webinar

Date: 2021-01-22, 15:00
Organizer : Lithuanian Bath Academy


Welcome to traditional sweat bath! In Lithuania we call it pirtis. Bathing in pirtis is really very old and popular tradition,  it is worth to be introduced and shared with the whole world. 

International Bath Academy will help you to make your first step to understanding the seven secrets of healthy Lithuanian pirtis. 

There is no perfect job without deap knowledge. That is why we want you to grasp and remember basic steam bathing rules and principles. Live and dynamic presentation illustrated by photos, graphic and illustrations, covering all major aspects of sauna bathing. Information is presented in the form of discussion, there is no paper reading.

Participation in theoretical workshop is usually an introduction before going to the hotroom and trying everything practicaly. But... This time we will follow other lines making it available to those in home lockout. It is great possibility to try something new, reach new people, and give new ideas and inspirations to them. 

Traditional Lithuanian pirtis (sweat bath).
Traditional Lithuanian pirtis (sweat bath).

Content of the seminar

  • Definition of steam bath
  • Purpose of bath procedure
  • Body reaction to heat
  • Quality factors of healthy bath
  • Correct heating and cooling
  • Safe behaviour in sauna
  • Eating and drinking in bath
  • Most comon mistakes 

This workshop is the first of 6 theoretical seminars of Family Bath Masters course. Unfortunatly, having no possibility of traveling, we cant offer practical part of this training, which is necessary in getting reall experience and skills. But we hope, it wont last long, and we'll offer possibility of practical workshops as soon as possible.

Information about the scedule of other worksops is comming soon! Registrated users of the webpage will get invitations to their e-mails.

Themes covered

Our studies always consist of themes. During this first day we will cover:

Presented by

Rimas Kavaliauskas - Lithuanian bath master, whisking master, photographer

Birutė Masiliauskienė - Lithuanian bath master, story teller and poet

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