Basics of Whisking. On-line workshp

Date: 2021-11-17, 20:30
Organizer : Lithuanian Bath Academy


Whisking is an art.
Good talk about your actions is part of the mastery

Whisking is one of the most interesting and enjoyable activities in the traditional steam bath. Everyone has heard of it, many have tried it, but very few people think about the regularities, goals and types of whisking. Learning is never late,  however, we will introduce you to what whisking realy is. 

Questions we raise and answer

  • What are the origins of whisking?
  • What are the purposes of it?
  • When is it time to receive this treatment?
  • How old is whisking tradition?
  • What are the basic types of whisking?
  • Can anyone learn it?

Important points

  • Whisking championships
  • Classification of whisking
  • Quality criteria
  • Basic whisking techniques


It is important to understand that we can not and will not teach you how to whisk during this webinar. Nor it will qualify you as whisking practitioner. Whisking is thorougfully practical skill. Moreover - it is a skill of real time and needs to be shown, experienced and trained by qualified master live. Yet we strongly believe that knowing whisking theory makes any practitioner of whisking more conscious, therefore more professional. It is also very good that people who are going to receive and enjoy traditional leaf whisking in sauna will know basic do`s and dont`s of whisking - it will make their bathing safer in the end.

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Theme covered

  • Whisking theory

    Topic content

    • Origins and purposes of whisking
    • Effects of whisking the body
    • Selection of whisks and accessories
    • Whisking Ergonomic
    • Overheating protection
    • Creation and use of a steam cake
    • The main types of whisking movements
    • Precautions and contraindications

Presented by

Bath masters, teachers, authors of the book „Pirtis“ Rimas Kavaliauskas, and Birutė Masiliauskienė.

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