Classical family bath

Date: 2022-05-21, 10:00

On a warm May weekend at Wowo Wild SPA, the long-awaited intensive sauna training weekend was finally held, led by Interbational Bath Academy sauna master Birutė.

The participants, who have already experienced the therapeutic power of a traditional Lithuanian pirtis, this time delved into the practical intricacies of bathing:

  • traditinal leaf whisking
  • body exfoliation,
  • leading a group of clients,
  • maiking and tying the leaf whisks.

We had 4 students in Level 1  - Basis of bathing techniques, 9 students in Level 2 - „Classical family bath“.

Bath mastership seminar in UK, Internationa Bath Academy

Bath masters participation certificates from seminar in UK, Internationa Bath Academy
Participation certificates from seminars finaly in the hands.

Our new family bath masters. Bath Academy.
Our new family bath masters

Whisk making is inevitable skill for a traditional bath master

Presented by

Birute Masiliausieke

Birute Masiliausikiene - professional bath master and international teacher

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