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  • Who is Kim?

    Hello, my name is Kim I am 31 years old and I live just outside Copenhagen  I work at Securitas Besides shooting my spare time goes with sauna  I joined the Danish Sauna Association in 2015 and am now the vice-chairman, trying tribute my knowledge about social media, events and marketing to the Danish sauna cause and spreading the knowledge good and healthy sauna in Denmark...»»
  • Estonian log-building

    Historians believe that the first log buildings (ristpalkmaja) in the Estonian region were built at least 2000 years ago and presume that Estonians learned their building skills from the Baltic tribes; the Estonian words for axe (kirves) and wall (sein) originate in Baltic languages rather than in the dominant Finno-Ugric...»»
  • Haanjamaa Smoke Sauna Week 6.-9.08.2015

  • Haanjamaa Smoke Sauna Week 8.-10.08.2014

    Sauna has been a part of the people of Haanjamaa for thousands of years It didn't used to be just a place to wash up in It was much more than that Our predecessors were born in saunas and died there Our whole life circle revolved around the sauna It was a place where people contemplated themselves and their life...»»
  • saunaclub

    Event guide Kęstutis Gurevičius (tel 8 699 29276)  Event can be attended by 15 people Sauna properties  Sauna that has been constructed following ancient traditions is only 5km from the city, so it's possible to get there even by bike...»»
  • Arido pirtis
  • Dvaro pirtis in Rumšiškės
  • Danish agent for
  • Offer to XVI Sauna Congress
  • Recommendations for a pleasant sauna
  • Work of sauna attendant
  • What is pirtis for us?

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