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It’s almost impossible to briefly describe the effect of the sauna procedure because saunas come in many varieties. People have different wishes and expected outcomes based on specific interests. However, there is a universal effect of a good sauna procedure that is feeling lighter, cleaner and usually better than when beforehand. The main process of heating and cooling) affect all systems in the human body. It is said that after sauna we feel like new.

Heat produces a chain of reactions in our body depending on the intensity of heating. It can either help gentle warming or try to stop intense heating. Finally stage of sweating comes, which even gave a name to all process – sweat bath. Up to these days countless investigations are being made to describe this simple act of eliminating toxins and many other harmful substances absorbed from an increasingly toxic environment. By slowly and correctly heating up the body, it is possible to reach deeper and deeper layers of skin and muscle. The feeling of being lighter after a sauna is actually genuine (even if the scale shows otherwise).



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