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It’s almost impossible to briefly tell what is the effect of the sauna procedure because saunas come in so many varieties, people who come there have different wishes and things they want to achieve, and finally, every single individual is unique of its own. But there is one and universal effect of a good sauna procedure – after it we feel lighter, cleaner, or as some might say – just better. Processes in the sauna (the key ones being heating up and cooling down) affect all systems of our organism. The most obvious and the easiest one to notice is the effect on the body, when heat makes us sweat. Together with sweat, we get rid of toxins and many other harmful substances. By slowly and correctly heating up the body, it is possible to reach deeper and deeper layers of skin and muscle. So the feeling of being lighter after a sauna is actually genuine (even if the scale tells you otherwise) - together with sweat, a great amount of ballast, poisoning your body, leaves your organism as well. People, who regularly enjoy the healthy habit of sauna notice, that their skin became clearer, brighter and smoother, and their organism became far more resistant to various diseases.
When the heat affects your body, blood flow dramatically changes, it streams to the skin and starts cooling it down, so internal organs get their well deserved rest (and that’s why food, who is hard to digest, should not be allowed in the sauna). Contrast procedures are a great workout, which strenghtens heart and blood vessels. But it is crucial to remember, that too much of everything can be harmful as well. And of course, for the sauna procedure, usage of coffee and alcohol should be prohibited - that would already be too much for our body to handle! Whisking is a great massage, which puts physical, termical and aromatherapical effects together, and it is very helpful after heavy exercise sessions or just when it hurts joints, back, muscles, and also it’s a very helpful anticelulitic procedure..
List could go on, and on, and on. But very often effect to the sauna if not only physical (or maybe even not physical at all) but it is psychological. People who come here literally leave every bad thing they came there with. As one of the main rules of the sauna say: “In the sauna we’re all equal”. If the primary purpose of the sauna was a place to warm up, wash down the dirt of a day and massage these hurting muscles, nowadays it’s a procedure which reduces stress and helps people to relax. You can often see how a rowdy company gets more and more peaceful and the talking reduces as the sauna procedures go by...It’s one of the key points that show that sauna was a success. Everybody’s just so relaxed. And that gives a positive effect not only to our mood, and ability to rest and work, it also helps to get rid of many neurological disorders, such as headaches, digestive and sleeping problems etc.). It is often said, that all diseases are neurotical.
If going deeper, we could be talking about more subtle, energetical effect of the sauna. In order to make it stronger, whisks of many different herbs and trees are used, as well as many special rituals, etc. Sauna, as a procedure which energetically cleans you, experts to bioenergy reccomend to those, who work a job containing communications, etc.