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Skin is the layer between the body and environment. Skin allows the body to meet the environment and to physically feel what the world is made of. It is a third brain, acting as a mirror of our health. The sparkle and liveliness of the body, or the absence of it, feelings and passions we have, thoughts and assumptions, the light reflecting through the skin. Healthy skin reflects beauty. It covers the human body not only from the outside but also from the inside. The inner layer of the skin is different because it moisturizes itself. Substances that get into the body from the outside (oxygen, nitrogen) are transformed into life. From the outside the human body is influenced by the movements that reach feelings, assumptions, and thoughts. Here the environment meets the body, creating thoughts.


Skin is the largest organ of the body. The surface of a grown human body takes up 1,5-2 square meters and weighs 5 to 10 kilograms. Almost a quarter of our blood circulates only in the skin. In the sauna the skin encounters strong external influences. . The ways to care for it include: scrubbing, scrubbing, developing more resilience, and healing. A well done sauna procedure on its own is good for the skin. People who regularly enjoy sauna, notice the benefits it offers such as smoother, healthier, cleaner and a natural glow. Here such thingsScrubs and masks for the hair and skin are really effective.

Even though the cosmetic industry offers a wide variety of products (and some of them are made exclusively for sauna procedures), the best solution are natural easily found and accessible outside your house, in the garden, even in your kitchen. In the sauna people naturally open up, become far more sensitive and sometimes may intuitively reject what is not purely natural. The skin also becomes far more sensitive.



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