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It’s almost impossible to briefly describe the effect of the sauna procedure because saunas come in many varieties. People have different wishes and expected outcomes based on specific interests. However, there is a universal effect of a good sauna procedure that is feeling lighter, cleaner and usually better than beforehand. The main process of heating and cooling affect all systems in the human body. It is said that after the sauna we feel completely refreshed and revitalized.

Heat is the main factor affecting the experience in any type of a sauna. We can be affected by air, steam, water and infrared influenced by varying elevated temperatures. The body temperature of a person in a sauna rises up to 38-40°C. This temperature kills pathogens such as the bacteria and viruses that influence most diseases.

The raising of the body temperature is the organism’s natural reaction to pathogens of a disease. The sauna provides the same conditions for the human body to cleanse and purify from the heat. The sauna helps at the end or at the very beginning of a cold for this reason, but not in the middle for many reasons including protecting others from getting sick. The sauna also prevents colds and fluеs from happening in the first place by boosting the immune system. It is a longstanding tradition in medicine and healing practices before antibiotics were created. It was discovered when malaria was cured with a heat therapy. The heat element in the sauna offers numerous benefits including relaxation as one of the most important.

Heat produces a chain of reactions in our body depending on the intensity. It can be a gentle or intense heating process. Once the sweating commences, the full sweat bath is on. Toxins are eliminated and many other harmful substances that the body absorbs from an increasingly toxic environment. Heating up the body in increments allows the heat to reach deeper into the skin and muscles. The feeling of being lighter is accurate and real after the sauna (even if the scale shows otherwise).



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