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A clearer mind after a sauna session is worth mentioning as a positive outcome. A main approach and mindset for the sauna is that “everyone is equal”. This view and attitude facilitates further relaxation. The sauna also encourages releasing limiting thought patterns that may cause stress. The potential to create bonding and friendship is a natural outcome. The possibility to open and share the elemental experience directly and simply with others benefits social ties.

A sauna has the potential to offer more peace and quiet in the mind as an effect with time. The benefits could also include an uplifted mood, enhancing rest and work productivity. Neurological disorders, such as headaches, digestive and sleeping problems can find some relief from the sauna.

In a deeper sense, the energetic effects can be further discussed as subtle shifts occurring with the assistance of various herbs and trees in the whisks and the rituals applied. Sauna has the potential to cleanse and purify energetically as well as physically and mentally.



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