Danish Sauna Society

Danish Sauna Society

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About us

Our purpose is to distribute knowledge about the original Finnish sauna, maintain the traditional sauna habits and avoid misunderstandings about sauna bathing. Furthermore our task is to enhance the sauna’s general significance for a healthy life and lifestyle.

The Danish Sauna Association is working actively on developing the sauna culture in Denmark. The society gathers and distributes information about sauna bathing and  saunas in Denmark, participates in national and international cooperation  in sauna culture, and consults in questions concerning sauna.The DSA also organizes national competitions in pleasant "Löyly"/Aufguss in cooperation with chosen baths.


See this site on our webpage: We also rent out 2 tent saunas and af mobile sauna for the use of our members whenever they want to promote genuine sauna culture. The Sauna Day in Denmark! On April 14th 2014 we introduced the day of the sauna in Denmark for the first time. This resulted in some articles in some local newspapers and 2,5 minutes in the regional TV news of Copenhagen. (see: ) In the future we will celebrate the day of the sauna every year on April 14th by making as many public baths and winter bathers clubs as possible, perform a genuine Finnish sauna bath with pure water steaming and the use of one or more birch whisks. Steaming with etheric oils and wawing of towels is OK, but the original Finnish sauna bath must not be forgotten.


Founded April 14th 2003 at the Finnish Culture Institute in Copenhagen.


On October 2019: 188 members, whereof 16 are companies.

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(The official post address is: Det Danske Saunaselskab, c/o Finlands Kulturinstitut, Sankt Annæ Plads 24 Gården 3. 1250 København K.) According to the bylaws the address is always the same as the address of the chairman: Michael B. Jensen, Vejlebrovej 136, 1. tv, DK 2635 Ishøj, Danmark

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