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Mari Keski-Korsu

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Mari Keski-Korsu is a transdisciplinary artist and tree healer & whisker*. She believes trees, sauna and whisking are essential not only for their health and relaxation benefits but for enhancing empathy, creating deep connection to the ecosystem we live within and revitalising traditional self/ourselves-care with plants into the contemporary, social practice and living culture. Mari brought professional whisking treatments to Finland in 2015 when she organised the first whisking course in the country in collaboration with Rimas Kavaliuauskas (Lithuanian Bath Academy) and the Finnish Sauna Association. Since then, she has been developing her practise as a whisker in the context of ‘Beat to the Balance’ which is a transdisciplinary art project that brings sauna & whisking and plant knowledge to places where it’s needed. According to Rimas, Mari is the most skilled whisker in Finland.
Mari is available for giving whisking treatments & rituals for individuals and groups. Open-for-all events are announced at her website. Mari is based in Finland but she also travels due to her work (mainly inside Europe).

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* Whisking is a special sauna action, treatment or ritual, which reminds us patting, clapping, maybe beating, whisking, brushing of person’s body with a whisk (vihta/vasta) made of different tree species’ twigs. It’s a special form of sauna massage, which requires the presence of hot steam and whisks. During whisking various movements are being performed – from waving and gentle touching to drumming, stroking, splashing and even striking.

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- Classical whisking
- Intensive whisking
- Light whisking
- Whisk massage

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