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Our leisure centre is located near a small lake, in an ample pinewood. The place is surrounded by a forest from one side, and a lake from the other. The surrounding forests can be visited on foot, or on skis during winter. During autumn you can pick mushrooms and berries in the forests, or just relax there. Upon arrival, visitors find themselves in a beautifully maintained complex where every detail is made with care. Use a spacious wooden pier on which you can fish, tan or enjoy warm summer evenings. There is a comfortable arbor with an outdoor fireplace. A modern bathing place with a sand bottom is set up for the kids' pleasure.The hotel has perfect conditions for events or parties. It has become common to organize various seminars, receptions, celebrations in Jazzhotel.
The bath house is by the lake, not far from the homestead. It is equipped according to a special design and amazes with ingenuity. The designer and builders have put their best effort to make the place in harmony with the surroundings - the tree that was in the way of building a bath house room was not cut down but kindly asked to continue growing in the room's corner. This bath house is well-suited for meetings, talks, nontraditional practices. It needs help and a caring attitude. Drunks and brawlers are not welcome!




2 price plans for renting the country place are available: for the whole place - 5000 Lt / day, For the bath only - 500 Lt for an evening.

Hot room

The bench layout is convenient for seating a large group of guests. They surround a massive heater from 3 sides and allows you to see the beauty of the steam bath. Flogging twigs that hang by the ceiling emits a pleasant smell, a big chilly stone is on the ground for the warmed-up guests to sit on, and a tap of the cold well water is conveniently mounted nearby.

Washing area

According to the old bath traditions which are common for Lithuanian, Finns, Russians, the washing up is done in the steam bath hotroom itself, after the stones cool down a bit. Everyone gets a big bath bowl, and a spacious steam bath room allows washing up, lubricating with honey or massaging for at least 6 people at the same time.
But a small shower in a separate room is also available - one can comfortably chill in it, if he/she does not want to go to the lake.

Resting area

Conference hall. On the first floor of the country villa there is a spacious hall. It contains furniture from the end of the XIX - the beginning of the XX century. High-quality audio equipment, a mini bar, special lighting, big fireplace, TV, a projector and screen are available. The hall is well-suited for organizing exclusive conferences. Oak banquet room. A 18x5 m banquet and party room is built separately on a steep bank by the lake. It has a bar, hot-water and coffee devices, water pipe, speakers, lighting. The room's capacity - 85 places at the long tables, 60-65 places at the round tables.


When choosing the heater, the huge logs and massive 15-cm thick fir benches, as well as the foundation stones, were taken into account. All of this pleases the eye but it also needs heating... Thus, according to the estate bath house traditions, a powerful periodic heating furnace of 500 kg Lithuanian stones was mounted in the Jazzhotel bath.

Steam, microclimate

The steam in this bath is soft, pleasant, and if it is too hot - you can cool down by sitting on the chilly stone. The smoke heater accumulates the heat well, the benches have unique structure and allows a person to lie down.
A good, classic steam, made possible by the big stone heater. At first, right after the heating, the bath is quite hot and dry. When water is poured on the stones, one can even feel shivers. Later, when the stones are cooling off, the steam becomes "softer", but, if overdone, it can be scalding. A good thing is that in this bath it is never smothery and tiring due to a large absorbing volume of the steam bath.The steam is almost ideal for whisking.

Changing area

The privacy has been partly neglected in favour of compact design. There are no changing rooms so you dress and undress in the restroom close to sauna. Toilets are two - one in the main house somewhat 80 meters away and the compact one is hided behind the pirtis corner.


There are no regular treatments in this pirtis. However they can be preordered from Lithuanian Bath Academy. Usualy this is classical whisking, body scrub with salt, back washing with birch whisk, honey massage and various group bath rituals.

Congress excursion

Jazzhotel ho troom can take up to 9-12 persons at once, and 3 persons can be whisked at a time. So we offer an exeptional individual whisking program for the group of 9 people. There will be 3 bath attendant working with clients.

The group will have a traditional Lithuanian hath ritual and then everyone gets traditional whisking by 3 kinds of whisk.
Guests will be offered traditional Lithuanian bath drinks - „gira“, „arbata“ and „sula“.

There will be 2 rounds (excursions).
Morning excursion. 9 persons. 10.00 - 13.00.
Afternoon excursion. 9 persons. 19.00 - 21.00.

The individual procedure payment is 90 euro.

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