Kernaves bajoryne

Kernaves bajoryne

Kernavė, Širvintų district
tel.: +370 656 59199

About us

We are 34 km away from Vilnius. Our location is close to the first capital city of Lithuania, Kernavė which is famous for its historic role, the landscape and mounds.

In 2004 Kernavė archeological site was included into UNESCO World heritage list.

“The sense of harmony and peace to your soul” is the moto of “Kernavės Bajorynė”. Here you can find a fresh, natural, and healthy food, a safe space to enjoy the silence and the wonderful landscapes of Kernavė. Here, everyone may share the joy during the most important occasions of life and find the inspiration for self-creativity and success in everyday business.


We offer our guests a possibility to enjoy a calm rest or get entertained in cosy rooms at the guest house, and the log houses in Garinė village. The booking in advance is highly recommended.


Hot room

Resting area


Standard metal continuously heated wood fired oven.

Steam, microclimate

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Microclimate diagram 2016-03-06

  The end of second round

Tavg = 76.7 ℃ Havg = 30.4 % First round was very hot, the second shows more typical situation for this sauna.

  1h30m from begining. Kernaves bajoryne.

Tavg = 63.3 ℃ Havg = 22.7 % 1 hour and half passed and temperature became more stable. We add some wood to the stove. We put some water on the stones and try whisking. .The session lasted 12 min. In the beginning we feel lack of warmth - rel. humidity is 13% at the 60°C. After 5 min. the normal steam is reached but it dropped quite quickly.

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