Pirtis „Medynė“

Pirtis „Medynė“

Bijūnų str. 31, Stanaičių vil., Kaunas county
tel.: +37065763493




Price depends on the procedures the guests require, but you should expect paying around 200 euro for the bath session with some procedures made by Arvydas and Liuda.

Hot room

About 8-10 people can sit on one store  wide, comfortable benches in the hot room. It is possible to whisk two people  in one time. There can be made whisking, body cleaning , honey massage, salt inhalation and other procedures.

Washing area

There is a shower near the hot room. There you can pour yourself with cold water. There is a pond near the bathouse.

Resting area

The guests are invited to rest in a spacy, smeling with herbs and whisks party room.There you can listen to music, drink tea and eat fruit. There is DVD, so there is a possibility to watch photos, films. There are massage and inverse tables for extra procedures.


The hot room is heated by traditional periodically heated oven „ fire through stones“.

Steam, microclimate

The oven construction produces  needed  steam, with good ventilation system, lets to create a comfortable microclimate in the hotroom, which is good for every guest.


The first steam ritual is made traditionally. It helps people to forget and relax fully, Enjoy whisking with different whisks, inhalation of fragrant  salts, peelig with salts, grounded chestnut and etc. There is a possibility to have a massage.

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