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Microclimate diagram 2019-11-09

This measurement has been taken during Lithuanian pirtis masters show in "water sauna“. In the time graph you can see how air temperature and relative humidity changed in the course of 8 hour time. Individual colour strips indicate a few meaningful moments. The latter are given together separately on the single "temperature-humidity“ graph with some important comments.

  Gradual whisk steaming

Tavg = 62.3 ℃ Havg = 28.5 % Measurement of "whisk testing" session measured 30 cm above higher bench in the corner. Bath master Birute has been adding water in portions in order to create warm natural steam sensations.

  Steam peak during "whisk testing"

Tavg = 61.6 ℃ Havg = 44.7 % This is 10 min of bath master Birute Masiliauskiene work in Monte Mare Bedburg "water sauna“. The steam is created and bath master works with whisks giving people nice sensations. The measurement point is behind the sitting people in the corner approx 30 cm above the higher bench.

  Steam peak at Birch programm

Tavg = 60.1 ℃ Havg = 49.1 % This is the "birch program“ performed by Rimas Kavaliauskas

  Typical "water sauna" at the bench

Tavg = 67.9 ℃ Havg = 19.4 % This is typical situation in Monte Mare Bedburg "water sauna" when sauna has been staying for a while. Measured 30 cm above the higher bench in the corner.

  Steam peak during "salt programm"

Tavg = 58.4 ℃ Havg = 56 % Bath master Giedrius Gervys used salt and weawing of steam.

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