Laumių pirtis

Laumių pirtis

Poderiškiai, Kauno raj.
tel.: +37068956969

About us

Perfect smoke pirtis (Lithuanian sauna) designed and built for top perfomance and according to Lithuanian folk pirtis traditions. It is lightened by solar power and has a hot room and smal resting room. It is built on the side of little pond in the garden belonging to Birute - prominent Lithuanian pirtis master and artizan.

This smoke sauna is set on the small and beatifully cared private plot of land. It has it`s own pond, terrace, surounding trees and bushes, shading you from the wind and giving privacy.

It is a perfect place for afternoon pirtis visit. You will experience not only perfect steam, but also gentle warmth of setting evenong sun. Sauna is sustainable - you will use only solar power to light it and chatge your phone in the evening.


Hot room

Hot room is small and designed for either family use or individual pirtis procedures. Specific very low hand made door separates resting room from the hot room and protects the steam from escaping. Pirtis benches are designed for ergomomic whisking and massage. If you suddenly feel very hot, you can descend to the lower level at which you always feel comfortable.

The hotroom may seem little, but it is spacious ergonomically - it is designed so, that you can change you position end even role while bathing. From passive laying, to sitting and communicating, from getting procedures to caring role of giving pleasure to others. This multirole funcionality makes visiting this hotroom a unique experience.

Resting area

This pirtis is of traditional design, it has only hotroom and small changing and resting room. It may seem very little when you arrive, but remmeber that people perceive the space diffently when they are undressed and warmed in sauna. You even have a most important thing - a rest bench on which you can have a nap after being whisked by sauna artizan Birute.


Super effective top quality smoke sauna oven designed by Rimas, International Bath Academy. It burns so clean that a pirtis heater can easily breath the smoke while heating and consumes very little firewood. It also produces a very pleasant aftersmell.

After having heated it quite many times since autumn 2019 it became clear that it agrees to be heated just with small amount of wood - as small as one bucket. Even then it does not make "sour eyes" and creates clean steam with just a little burned wood smell in the begining. The smell is pleasant and never disturbing.

The oven is perfect in all instances - simple and ecomomical in heating, versatile and powerfull for bath master while in work also caring and spearingly heating for a fellow bather. It deserves to be tested by any smoke sauna connoisseur. 


Steam is perfect for gourmet whisking. It hangs over the sitting person and if added more - envelopls him like warm blanket. Due to effective burn of wood the steam never has that unpleasant sour taste that sometimes can be wittnessed in simple country smoke saunas. It can be different - mild and humid or hot and biting depending on the burning time, but in every case it is ejoyable by everyone.


Treatments of course depend on bath attendant profficiency. Luckilly, this sauna is a creative realm of Birute so you can experience top level whisking and even sauna body and psyhotherapy.

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Pirtis is on the private lant plot 29km from Kaunas airport (30 min driving time) and 16 km from Kaunas centre (25 min driving time). Visiting only by  appointment!

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