Pilaites pirtis

Pilaites pirtis

Piliakalnio str. 10, Senoji Pilaitė
tel.: 869938562

About us

In Vilnius, near Pilaitė, you will suddenly discover an oasis of tranquility: a valley overgrown with trees, a clean stream Sudervelė, and ponds of the manor. A closer look will give you a glimpse of the restored water and windmills, the open-air bread exhibit and the magnificent rustic sauna. It is a bit far from other buildings, in the shade of huge trees, so it is enough for a refreshing and hectic summer day. In the warm season there are dozens of people at the sauna access or in the windmill banquet hall, and 12 people in the sauna during the cold season.

Those who wish to visit the outdoor exposition and the former mansion will be kindly accompanied by the hosts and will tell an intriguing story. For the convenience of the clients - parking.

Hot room

The main hotroom is well heated by the periodicaly heated oven. Walls are made of natural logs, cozy, with muted lighting. There is a vent that opens directly into the open air. The walls of the steam are decorated with ancient wooden scabs.

Washing area

Resting area

The room is well heated by the main bath so you can have a nice chat at the table. By the way, the interior is decorated with antique items, so for older visitors the atmosphere will probably remind the motherland, and the youth will be attractive exotic. In summer, there is a patio with two tables under the maple and the entire Bread Road museum space yours. It is comfortable to sit around the table in an ancient atmosphere.


Steam, microclimate

Changing area

You are invited to change into bathing clothes at the second floor. Also there you will find WC.

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You can find us almost in the city centre! Just 5 min by taxi!

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