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2015-10-19, 05:58:02

Which wood should be used for sauna room? Spruce or pine better?

In the long past all kinds of wood were used for sauna (steam bath) room. They all have their specific advantages and disadvantages. When making your own personal choice you should consider following:

  1. If you expect temperature rising over 90°C, avoid resinous species like pine or spruce. They might weep with sap. Below this limit pine or spruce is rather fine.
  2. If you build your sauna of thick timber - you may be forced to use pine because of it`s availability. It this case you can take away sap pockets and branches by drilling and filling method.
  3. If temperature will be high or you are using thin boards to cover you walls (siding), then using leaf bearing species is more appropriate. Among them you may choose linden, poplar, asp, alder. They are more expensive also.
  4. There are also modern choices as special panels, preheated wood (brown) and expensive tropic species (all called abachi). They will not give you better sauna satisfaction comparing to traditional sauna siding except exotic appearance.
2014-08-01, 20:13:47

What is the ideal/max, sauna height?

A very nice question. The answers could be few, depending of what is the sauna purpose and the heating method. So...

1. Sauna „for sitting and sweating“. Usual height is about 210-220 cm having in mind 2 levels of benches.

2. Sauna „for whisking“. In order to have space for your whisks the ceiling should be made higher, reaching about 230-240 cm.

3. „Perfect smoke sauna“. In order to have similar temperature at your feet and head levels, the entire bench system should fit between hot stones and ceiling. It means that sauna hot room should be at least 300 cm height, better around 350 cm.

In any case all saunas that I have seen in my life are between 170 and 400 cm. 

Rimas Kavaliauskas, International Bath Academy

2014-04-06, 13:46:02

Will be there an simultaneous translation english to german for the lectures of the presentation and workshops?

The official language of Congress is English and Russian. However it is possible that we also have German translation provided there are enough registrations from German speaking countries

2014-04-04, 13:58:31

 What is the typical temperature and humidity for saunas in: Sweden, Finland,

It is not easy to say about average temperatures, because they very much depend on individual taste of the owner, sauna construction and of course - oven type. And the purpse of sauna too.

Just for comparision you mey rely on these figures

Country Sauna for siting Sauna for whisking
Sweden 80 °C by 20% non existent
Finland 90 °C by 15% non existent
Lithiania and Latvia 90 °C by 15% 70 °C by 60%
Russia 110 °C by 10% 65 °C by 70%

Sauna for whisking requires different microclimate because the body is additionaly heated by vapour condensation.

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