Finnish Sauna Society

The Finnish Sauna Society is a cultural association founded in 1937 to foster the heritage of the national bath. The Society has around 4200 members.

Vaskiniementie 10
+358 10 439 5600


International Sauna Association is an association of national and other sauna societies and private people. It was founded in 1957. It was decided that the domicile of the association is  Helsinki. Austria , Germany , Japan and Finland are continuous members.
Laajalahdentie 16 A 7, 00330 Helsinki

International smoke sauna club

International smoke sauna club was established in 1990 by Finnish smoke sauna enthusiasts. Club is very active at visiting smoke saunas, evaluating them and giving advice on smoke sauna.

Rajaportinkatu 5A
+358 400573545


Rajaportti Sauna

The sauna block at Rajaportti in Pispala was built by Hermanni Lahtinen and his wife Maria in the beginning of the 20th century. Today, the Rajaportti block belongs to the city of Tampere. The sauna at Rajaportti is the oldest public sauna in Finland still going strong!
Pispalan valtatie 9


Bath masters

Lithuanian pirtis tradition

Lithuanian bathing traditions root in the long past. Archeological findings reveal the pre-Christian bathinh habits of Lithuania that survive until novadays. More


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