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Sauna garden

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Microclimate diagram 2019-10-13

Sauna session in new smoke sauna.

  Whole duration

Tavg = 68.7 ℃ Havg = 19.8 %

  Sauna garden new smoke sauna. Whisking 1 hour after beginning of the bathing.

Tavg = 78.2 ℃ Havg = 21.8 % Whisking 1 hour after beginning of the bathing. Temperature is about maximum that is tolerable during whisking due to relatively long heating. Most of the time dew temperature is above 45°C and this is really hot. In this kind of sauna care must be taken not to overthrow water on the stones.

  The last whisking. 4h26min from beginning

Tavg = 56.4 ℃ Havg = 48.1 % Good 4 hours passed and sauna became mild. Yet we try whisking session.

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