Family sauna maintenance. Webinar

Date: 2020-06-10, 21:00
Organizer : Lithuanian Bath Academy


Have you been planning and dreaming about your sauna for a long time? You designed, consulted, built, cared about how to better equip it ... And finally That Day has come! You feel like a young parent bringing your dream, expectant and beloved baby home. And ... you face very similar challenges. And how to take care of that baby so that he is healthy, fresh and happy? What to feed him, how to wash, what to prepare, how to sleep? And in general - a lot of all kinds of "how" and "why".

Sauna maitenance is a good part of using it...

Young owners are helped and advised by everyone who is not lazy -  from relatives to online forums. Let's take a look at the most common questions for current (and perhaps future) sauna owners.

Themes and topics presented in this workshop:

  1. Short review of steam bath ovens
  2. Bathing utensils
  3. Getting ready for heating
  4. Firewood types
  5. Peculiarities of heating different ovens: continuous heating ovens, periodically heated ovens, smoke saunas.
  6. Ventilation: before, during and after bathing
  7. What can not be used in bathing:benches, floors, vessels, used whisks, adjacent rooms.
  8. Disinfection: acohol, plant decoctions, essential oils, hot water and steam, hydrogen peroxide;
  9. Fire safety.
  10. Ecological requirements for sauna use.
  11. FAQ

FAQ that will be answered

  • Avoiding bad smell?
  • Mold extermination?
  • Changing sauna stones?
  • Avoiding carbon monoxide?
  • Impregnating benches and walls?
  • Whitening dark walls?
  • Back seats. Are they necessary?
  • Use of plastic in sauna?

We use GoToMeeting platform for this event, so, you can ask, discuss or share your experience. Registrated participants will have possibility to send their questions in advance.

Presented by

Rimas Kavaliauskas - Lithuanian bath master, whisking master, photographer

Birutė Masiliauskienė - Lithuanian bath master, story teller and poet

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