Plants in Lithuanian steam bath. On-line workshop

Date: 2021-11-10, 20:30
Organizer : Lithuanian Bath Academy


We live in world of plants. They give us food, shelter, healing and comfort. Modern world is loosing alive connection with the world of plants, so, we have to learn things, which were so natural for our mothers or grandmothers. 

Plants ir sauna
Making whisks

Traditional Lithuanian culture has very strong connection with plant tradition. It is still natural to know healing properties of tries and herbs, treat them as living beings, plant a tree for a newborn baby etc. Plants are very important part of Lithuanian bahting culture too. We use whisks, herbal tea, and a lot of herbal remedies in bath. We can say, using a lot of plants is one of the features of Lithuanian pirtis. 

This workshop is an introduction to the world of Lithuanian plant tradition. We wil learn about:

  • Different types and forms of whisks
  • Ways of using whisks
  • How to preserve and prepare for using whisks
  • Plant remedies for sauna
  • Most populat sauna plants

SCEDULE of Level 1 on-line workshops: 

  • October 27 - Sweat Bath ABC
  • November 3 - Body Reaction to Heat 
  • November 10 - Plants in Lithuanian Steam Bath
  • November 17 - Basics of Whisking

Theme covered

  • Plants in steam bath

    A lot of herbal and plant remedies are used in the Lithuanian sauna. Not only whisks but different herbal teas, infusions, scents, cosmetic masks. As soon as the pirtis door is opened, the pleasant aroma of plants gives off. There are bouquets of fragrant herbs in the ceiling, not just for the sake of beauty. And where are all the mysterious ointments, infusions, extracts, oils, powders, and other mysterious things that alchemists often juggle with bottles as experienced bathers, creating a whole bouquet of bath sensations ...

    Curious? This is our aim - get you acquainted with plants, herbal bath tools. This is a 2 hour theoretical course where we will discuss the most commonly used plants in the bath and the products made from them, as well as practical tips.

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Presented by

Rimas ir Birutė

Rimas Kavaliauskas Birutė Masiliauskienė 

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