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Welcome to Lithuanian Pirtis. Photo of R. Kavaliauskas.

Lithuanian Pirtis Summer 2024 in Lithuania

We invite you to immerse into the experience of Lithuanian nature, plants and culture!

May 27-29, Trakai. Introductory course to practical traditional steam bath master rituals (Level 1)

This is an intensive and fun introductory course of healthy sauna basics and whisking. It is targeted to zero-experience users but also suits the more seasoned sauna goer. Lithuanian and Baltic sauna traditions incorporate steam, leaf whisking and various natural bathing practices. May  Read more and register.
N.B. An additional Level 2 after compleating Level 1 is possible!

May 27-29, Trakai. Whisking, Home SPA, guiding a small group ritual (Level 2)

The intensive Level 2 course is designed for those who have already covered the essential topics of Level 1 and are convinced that they want to start working more deeply with each of their sauna clients . Read more and register.

June 3-7, Kernavė. Plants and senses. Lithuanian Bathing Culture Summer Camp

At the Plants and Senses Camp, you will have an unforgettable botanical experience, immersing yourself in the heart of nature, surrounded by the beauty of lush native foliage and the tranquillity of a forest near a lake. June 3-7. Read more and register.

June 9, Vilnius. Family Bathmasters Qualification Test 

After compleating full Family Basmasters practical training we invite students to pass the qualification test, so we would guaranty you are able to perform safe and pleasant treatment to your clients.  Read more and register.

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Lina Birmante

Lina has successfully completed the Family Sauna Masters course and is able to conduct traditional family sauna treatments, bathing and scrubbing. more