2nd International Assembly of Traditional Bathing

Experience the intricacies of traditional steam bathing with the II Traditional Bathing Assembly. Dive into the innovations of thermal bathing, share insights with bath masters, and embrace bath diplomacy for cultural unity. This year, we celebrate diverse sauna traditions while preserving their essence. Join us for professional insights and engaging discussions!

Lithuanian Pirtis Summer shots!

As summer draws to a close, we are filled with nostalgic memories of reunions with dear people with whom we have had so many warm moments. Here we share photos of sauna memories that capture the essence of last summer. In each photo, a portal to the past, the laughter of friends, the warmth of the sauna and the quiet whispers of plants are captured.

Summer Plants Camp in Lithuania

Level 1 course in Cedar Grove Sauna

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Lina Birmante

Lina has successfully completed the Family Sauna Masters course and is able to conduct traditional family sauna treatments, bathing and scrubbing. more