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This is microclimate comparision of 4 different saunas: Sauna garden, Brighton Beach Box, Matkakoski smoke sauna and rather typical metal wood heated sauna Kernaves bajoryne. You may follow the links to see individual measurement graphs. Here below we combine different saunas in one graph.

The data is processed by our program on the server and ploted in traditional Temperature/Rel. Humidity graph. Curved lines show different dew point temperatures. Simply told dew point temperature is very close to that of wet buln thermometer. Even more simply - this is what you fell if you take light shower of similar temperature.

According bath theory and our many observations dew point 40°C is felt like neutral temperature. Not "cold" and not "hot" in sauna terms. Also dew point 45°C is already rather hot and whisking in these conditions is considered as "hot enough". Yet lovers of the steam often have pleasure of reaching 47-49°C just for 20-40 sec.

From this comparision we see that traditional smoke saunas reach rather high temperatures - around 85°C in Matkakoski sauna and around 78°C in Sauna garden. This temperature is typical for saunas with metal ovens - blue dots.

If sauna is big and full of people - it may show much lower temperature - as in Brighton Beach Box, the same happens in traditional smoke sauna after 4 hours of bathing.

All measurements has beeb done 60 cm above upper bench - aproximately at the height of fellow sauna goer sitting on the bench.

  Brighton Beach Box. Steaming the group.. . 2019-06-01
  Sauna garden new smoke sauna. Whisking 1 hour after beginning of the bathing.. . 2019-10-13
  The end of second round. Kernaves bajoryne. 2016-03-06
  The last whisking. 4h26min from beginning. . 2019-10-13
  Aufguss steaming peak No.1. Garden sauna Monte Mare Bedburg. 2019-11-09

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