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This is a special two days module, which is usually organized in Summer time. It goes parallel with the main studies, so you can join it anytime. But it requires some understanding about whisking and healthy sauna process, so, you should finish at least 1st level of the studies (Gourmand of healthy sauna) before. 

The course consists of two one day trainings:

  • Day 1. Varety of plants and whisks in sauna.
  • Day 2. Plants and body rituals

We offer you intense and alive experience in natural fields and forrests: collecting plants, making whisks, understanding the properties and mythology of tries and herbs, which you can use for your sauna treatments and rituals. Each day also has a practical part in sauna: testing different plants, deepening your whisking skills, learning techniques of working with plants. 

List of themes covered

Bath phytotherapy and whisks

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