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This is intensive introductory course of healthy sauna basics and introduction to whisking. It is targeted to zero-experience users but also suites very well for the need of more prominent sauna goer.

BAth academy seminar
Atmosphere suring seminars can be relaxing. After all this is pirtis - a place to return to yourself..

It consists of two intensive one day trainings, or seminars:

  • Day one. Steam bath ABC
  • Day two. Light whisking and introduction to bodywork

We concentrate mainly on practical skills during the practical workshops and have very little theory. However, some broader understanding is needed for sustainable work in your sauna. That is why we offer complementary presentations of instrumental bathing ideas, plants in a sauna, and maintenance. These workshops are primarily organized online for your convenience.

So, the final list of all themes that are required for full practical and theoretical completion of the 1st level of Bath mastershi courses is here:

Steam bath basics

Upon finishing this level, student is assigned with „Gourmand of healthy steam bath“ qualification. This level is also required to succesfully continue the studies of bath mastership.


Laura Foon (Finland-Grean Britain)

The first day of the course was a very soft introduction to the Lithuanian pirtis.
The day was very practical and full of experience. This practical way was a great approach as without experience there is no way to understand. I was expecting whisking and that we did get! Introduction to self-whisking was deep and gave a lot to think about and to apply to use but the surprise was the multiple small notions like how the bathmaster uses air, water and salt to adjust the experience and facilitate the different types of participants.  I am curious about the rest of the course, hope to continue soon.

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