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This is intensive intermediate course of healthy family sauna bathing procedure and classical whisking. It also final step in non-professional edication. It is targeted to users who has good primal education of heathy steam bath basics. Upon finishing this level, student can be assigned with „Master of family bath“ qualification, provided he has his skills approved.

It consist of two intensive one day trainings, or seminars:

  1. Day one. Sauna bodywork and classical whiskimg
  2. Day two. Steam bath home SPA

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Level 2. Family bath master

4 places left
Aluonos k., Trakų raj., Lithuania
Intensive bath masters course. Level 2. Whisking, Home SPA, guiding a small group ritual.

Level 1. Bath masters basics

2 places left
Aluonos k., Trakų raj., Lithuania
Introductory course to practical traditional steam bath master rituals.

Plants and senses. Lithuanian Bathing Culture Summer Camp

5 places left
Kernavė, Širvintų district, Lithuania
Deep and intense 4-days experience, connecting with Lithuanian bathing culture, nature and plants.

Family Bathmasters Qualification Test

4 places left
Melkys vil. Pikeliškių county, Vilnius

3nd International Assembly of Traditional Bathing

20 places left
Uosio g. 20, Neveronys, Kauno r., Kaunas

Sauna Aid host training

64 places left
Virtual event
Aim of Sauna aid is tohelp people who have experienced emotional shock. It is designed for war refugees but can also help to support other traunatized individuals.