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We  work for people who love sauna, cooperate with professional sweat bath masters. And we offer services for those who would like to become the ones. In our courses you will find a lot of information on sauna procedures, history, construction and equipment, but also you quickly acquire essential bath mastership skills.

Guests: 8/12
Wowo Wild SPA, Sheffield Park, Sussex

Basic studies

Our course is based on 2 levels of bath mastership - common and professional.

Level I. Non professional bath study level

For all  sauna lovers and for those who have their own sauna.

Step 1. Gourmand of healthy sauna
Step 2. Leader of family bath

Level II. Professional studies

This is intensive professional course of healthy traditional steam bathing procedure. It includes intensive and individualized whisking. The confirmation (approval) of completing the Basic level is required to start this course. For those who want to offer professional and relieable services.

Step 1. Individual bathing procedure
Step 2. Group bathing rituals

After attending seminars mentionad above and fullfiling questionaires student can be appointed to the final practical examination. Examination is separate event, organizes outside this course. After examine is successfully passed, student is assigned a qualification of „Professional bath master“

Special studies

There are additional skills that is worth to master, but no so much required for everyday work in sauna. That is why we run these courses separately from the basic studies. In fact student can attend seminars of special studies immediately after confirming initial education level  Gourmand of healthy sauna.

Bath phytotherapy and whisks

  1. Variety of plants and whisks in sauna
  2. Plants and body rituals

Also we offer other two types of special courses:

  1. Sauna aromatherapy
  2. Sauna construction and microclimate

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3nd International Assembly of Traditional Bathing

20 places left
Uosio g. 20, Neveronys, Kauno r., Kaunas

Sauna Aid host training

63 places left
Virtual event
Aim of Sauna aid is tohelp people who have experienced emotional shock. It is designed for war refugees but can also help to support other traunatized individuals.