Brighton Beach sauna

Brighton Beach sauna

299 Madeira Drive, BN2 1EN
tel.: 07976 368052

About us

BEACH BOX is an all year round, wood-fired public beach sauna, based on Brighton Beach. We now have 2 saunas - one in a beautifully converted horse trailer and another larger sauna made from upcycled packing crates. Both with a view of the beach, sea and the Brighton's iconic pier beyond.

Wake up and reconnect with your body. Plunge into the sea to cool down. The sauna experience gives you space for relaxation, body care, digital detox and socialising. We'll introduce you to the sauna-bathing experience you may have never known you needed!


Hot room

Hot room is rather large for typical UK sauna. It spans 400 cm wide and 410 cm deep. It is also rather high - 280 cm.

Resting area


This spacious beach sauna is fired by 25kW HARVIA LEGEND stove loaded with aprox 160 kg of stones. It has no problem to reach working temperatures of 60-75°C. It also creates enoug steam for whisks to be used of AUFGUSS towels to be swirled around. All together up to 18 persons can accomosate on wide benches, however more realistic figure wuld be around 12 people.


Microclimate depends to a large extend to sauna master whe is performing the procedure. To achieve sharp and „biting“ steam some pevious heating is quite good.

Changing area

Separete changing spaces smartly organized in caravans. Outside benches are situated in some soret of privet yeard and also directied to the sea.


It a good chance to experience procedures of sauna masters from variuous countries including professional whiskings by Birute Masiliauskienė, Rimas Kavaliauskas from International Bath Academy. Katie Bracher can help you in other nice days between international events.

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Find us

You find us directly on the beach, 80 m from the sea.

Microclimate diagram 2019-06-01

  Brighton Beach Box. Steaming the group.

Tavg = 62.8 ℃ Havg = 38.8 % This was the last „steam gulp“ before group left sauna. Bath master Birute (Lithuania) was asked to add more steam to satisfy people needs. The steam dew point (condensation point) fell between 38 and 50°C under 62°C of the dry air temperature. This is almost ideal climate to experience green whisks - not extremely hot, but tough enough to experience intensive heat waves from whisk movements.

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