Ilgutis pirtis

Ilgutis pirtis

Aluonos k., Trakų raj.
tel.: +370 685 36179

About us

The bathhouse is located by the peaceful and mysterious Lake Ilgutius, surrounded by forests - just 40 minutes' drive from the centre of Vilnius.

Cozy holiday cottage with all the necessary amenities on the shore of the lake in Trakai district.

Ground floor: living room with fireplace and great view of the lake, oak sauna, kitchen (electrical stove, kettle, microwave oven, fridge, dishes, cutlery), toilet, showers.

Second floor: 5 rooms with large beds, scenic landscape outside the window.

Next to the holiday cottage: a pier to the lake and a large gazebo on the pier, boat, places to bake barbecues.

Up to 20 people can rest or celebrate in the holiday cottage. 

Hot room

Hot room is sutible for traditional Lithuanian pirtis treatments, with hot and cold water inside. We recomend our sauna for groups of 8-12 persons. 

Resting area

On the ground floor, next to the steam room, there is a spacious lounge with a fireplace and a mini-kitchen. For lovers of romance, there is a rooftop terrace with a raft floating in the lake.


The stove is a continuousaction wood fired stove, fired from the vestibule. If fired moderately it creates nice climate up to 70C.

Sauna aid

Twice a month sauna is ready to accept Ukrainian refugees for free.

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The Sauna Aid treatments for Ukrainian people are organzed as needed, mostly once a week. 

Contact person for the Sauna Aid programs - bathmaster Birutė Masiliauskienė

Registration and information by e-mail: 

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