Sauna Garden: Creative Pirtis Festival

Date: 2023-05-28, 12:00
Organizer : Lithuanian Bath Academy

In addition to the intensive sauna courses, we invite you to an informal day of traditional sauna culture and eksperiments in the Sauna Garden.
Here, 4 different saunas will be set up for one day, which you can not only visit, but also try out as a sauna master.

The centrepiece of the day's programme is the stacking and firing of a traditional smoke stove.

Event highlights

  • Traditional "white sauna" with chimney
  • Traditional small village smoke sauna
  • A modern clean smoke sauna"
  • Traditional stone pile ancient sauna stove building workshop
  • Special „birch distilation“sauna climate

Our objectives during this event:

  • To create a safe and friendly environment for exchanging sauna skills
  • To develop individual skills in working with sauna clients
  • To allow student sauna technicians to improvise and experiment
  • Try out the Vantha rolls that you will learn at the Plant Bath Camp
  • Trying out different modern sauna tools

Sauna Garden gallery

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Bath mastership
Smoke sauna in Sauna garden

Hot places of Saunagarden

Clean smoke sauna

This smoke sauna has been designed and built by Rimas Kavaliauskas to demonstrate the best possible effectiveness of the stove and ergonomics of the sauna. It has bee designed for a family or a small group and provide a very nice microclimate. The upper bench allows 6 persons to sit or 4  - to lay.

Clean smoke sauna.

Sauna Garden smoke stove.
Water is heated the traditional way

Video from this sauna

Old smoke sauna

This is a traditional small smoke sauna in the Lithuanian countryside, where you will feel like you did 200 years ago. The water is heated by throwing hot stones into the water.

Old smoke sauna. Bath Academy

Traditional „white“ Lithuanian pirtis

This sauna follows the traditional scheme of the Lithuanian rural community double end house sauna. It has not only a steam room, but also a "clean rest room" and a spacious vestibule. It is very comfortable to use in winter. A large pond makes it comfortable to take a dip after the whisking .

Presented by

Rimas Kavaliauskas

The event will be moderated by Rimas Kavaliauskas - sauna teacher, designer, international bathing instructo rand pirtis (sauna) masters from Lithuanian Bath Academy

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