Pair Whisking

Date: 2023-05-29, 17:00

There are 2 main types of whisking: individual and group. Pair whisking is something in between of them, it combines benefits of individual work and efficiency of group work, which is needed when you have bigger groups. When done properly, it coud be a big discovery for your clients. On the other hand, for the bathmaster it is rather challenging experience, for you need perfect planing, coordination and a few additional techniques. 

In this workshop we will learn:

  • Planing pair whisking in different saunas;
  • Main scenarious of pair whisking;
  • Effect of "collective body";
  • Techniques of pair whisking;
  • Ergonomics and safiety;
  • Pair whisking as a ritual. 

Because of the specifics of this workshop, we need at least 3 participants. 

Presented by


Birutė Masiliauskienė

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