Alternative bathing in sauna

Date: 2023-05-03, 16:00
Organizer : Lithuanian Bath Academy

This is the combination demonstration of what we can do with plants in sauna - especialy traditional birch. We will alter the climate and make it different from what people are used to and open different perspective to ėood fired steam bathing. Temperature and atmosphere of a traditional steam bath (sauna, pirtis, laznia, bania, laconium) has always been rather controversial, but we base our procedures on the perception of relaxed body.

Each sauna is a unique phenomenon with its own character, its own pros and cons. Some hot rooms are easy and simple to get along with, others require knowledge and expertise. In this seminar, we will first of all learn how to create a good microclimate in the most common hot circulating steam room

Gourmet bathing in sauna is possible.

A sauna's microclimate must not be "good" in itself, but must be in line with the way people feel in the sauna, and the "do no harm" principle applies here. During this sweat bathing evening, we will find out what traditional cookery has in common with steam baths and learn how to control the most difficult substance to understand - the hot bathing steam. We will explain how to squeeze more out of a small, continuously heated steam room, the most common in North America, and how to adjust the existing microclimate and adapt it to the needs of a particular treatment. We will also explore our senses to better understand ourselves in the hot sauna room.

The following issues will be practically addressed:

  • soothing of hot and dry sauna
  • creating plant steam;
  • using alternavime methods of body heating,
  • gentle washing with birch
  • gentle whisking,
  • plant compresses
  • relaxation massage

The microclimate correction will be recorded with a device and then reviewed and analysed.

Presented by

Rimas Kavaliauskas, sauna master and coacher

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