Level 2. Family bath master

Date: 2024-05-27, 14:00
Organizer : Lithuanian Bath Academy

2 persons participating. 4 places left. Registration to event is available in My activities page

The intensive Level 2 course is designed for those who have already covered the essential topics of Level 1 and are convinced that they want to start working more deeply with each of their sauna clients .

During the course, we will teach you the two main techniques of a traditional steam bath:

  1. The classic 2-sided body whisking
  2. The natural body scrub wash.

These two techniques form the basis of our individual work with clients.On the last day, we will focus on conducting a complete holistic sauna treatment, paying attention to many essential nuances and learning how to work with a small group. This small group work accounts for almost 90% of all custom sauna treatments.

Teaching Home SPA treatments at the course

Course schedule

  1. May 27, 10:00 - 16:00. Home SPA. Making your own natural body scrubs and practicing whole body cleaning. 
  2. May 28, 10:00- 16:00. Full classical whisking. Whisking of both sides of the body following the safe and ergonomical bodywork sequence
  3. May 29, 10:00- 16:00. Leading smalll group ritual. We sum up all acquared skills and learn how to conduct the traditional steanm bath ritual for the small group.

Themes covered

  • Classical whisking

    Praktinė tema, kuri natūraliai pratęsia temą Lengvas vanojimas. Jau išmoktas technikas taikome intensyviau ir mokomės jas pritaikyti įvairiose kūno vietose. Šį kartą dirbame su sodresniu garu, kaip ir yra įprasta daugelyje pirčių. Seminaro metu mokomės pilnai išvanoti šias  kūno dalis:

    • pėdas (gulint ir jas pakėlus),
    • kojas - šlaunis (gulint, pakėlus, pavertus), kelius, blauzdas
    • rankas - plaštakas, bicepsus, žąstus (prilaikant, pakėlus)
    • pilvą (braukant, glostant, siūbuojant)
    • krūtinę (braukant, glostant),
    • sprandą
    • kryžmens sritį (nugaros apačią)
    • pečius, mentis

    Studentai taip pat mokomi bendros vanojimo strategijos, vanotojo darbo ergonomikos, saugaus vanojimo principų.

    Jei norite greičiau patekti į šios temos mokymus...

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  • Skin peeling

    Praktinė tema, kurioje mokoma šių dalykų:

    • Masažo garinėje ypatumai,
    • Kūno šveitimas ir trynimas 

Presented by

Rimas and Birutė

Rimas Kavaliauskas & Birutė Masiliauskienė - experienced international steam bath mastership coachers and instructors.

NB! More information is comming soon! We are planing:

  • Family Bathmaster's qualificalion test (May 31)
  • Camp of Lithuanian bathing culture and plants (June 3-7);
  • A few extra events, trainings or other offers are considered.

Who can participate

Registration is restricted to those who has completed the Level 1. We send our invitation e-mails exclusively to the selected prospect students.

If you want to participate in Level 2 training, but are comming to Lithania to Level 1, which takes plase the same time (May 27-29, 2024), please, contact us. If there will be a request, an additional Level 2 training  group could be offered. 


Early bird booking till April 25 - 450€, after - 550€.

Every participant have to pay 100€ in advance for securing the place in the course. The rest of the sum has to ne paid in cash strictly upon arrival (patticipants have to secure they have required amount beforehand)

Important! This offer includes accomodation in the place of the training, the hollyday cottage on the shore of the lake (see more at, 12 km from Trakai and 35 km from Vilnius. If you need transfer to the venue, please, let us know. Food is not included into the price (we'll offer only light snacks), there is possibility to order or use the kitchen of the cottage. 


  • New participants register on this page by filling the form. Then they will receive a link to ceredit card payment link. When paymen is made - your place is secured.
  • Existing readers of our page will find the registration link on their activity page  - this requires loging in.

Any questions are welcome.

Contact persons:

Rimas Kavaliauskas, email -, Phone/WhatsApp +370 687 11601
Birutė Masiliauskienė, email -, PhoneWhatsapp +370 689 56969  

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