3nd International Assembly of Traditional Bathing

Date: 2024-10-18, 16:00
Organizer : Lithuanian Bath Academy

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2nd International Bathing Assembly
The participants of 2nd Assembly

Save the dates in your calendar! 

3rd Assembly will take place in October 18-20!

More information is comming soon!

Forms of Assembly work

Similar to previous years, we will host:

  • personal introductions,
  • group discussions,
  • presentations, 
  • practical demonstrations in the traditional steam bath

Accomodation & food

Participants were granted the accomodation in a shared sleeping room with shared showers and toilets. Accomodation also included breakfast.
Photos of the facilities are on the Broliu mene pirtis page.

We see this event as gathering of friends and "the sauna family", so, we promisse simple family-style local food. Vegetarian an vegan options will be available, but if you have some special needs or requirements, please, let us know!


You can take a flight to Kaunas (~20 km from the place of the conference) or Vilnius (~90 km).  We'll help you with transfer, if needed.

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Who can participate

The Assembly welcomes:

  • Enthusiasts on their journey to discovering their perfect sauna.
  • Trendsetters of thermal bathing, sharing their visions.
  • Bath masters with hands-on expertise.
  • Proud owners of charming small saunas.

Our primal goal remains the same - investigaton of  traditional thermal banthing primarily in individual or small group bathing form.



  • Rimas:, phone/WhatsApp +370 687 11601
  • Birutė:, phone/WhatsApp +370 689 56969

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