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Good Afternoon … My friend and I are looking to come to the Whisking Conference and wondered if you need to know anything in advance / be a qualified Sauna Master to attend or can anybody attend. We do not have any knowledge other than one experience of the whisking here in the UK. But I am looking at setting up a Sauna in my home town and conducting research. Also are there any private double bedrooms available at Brolių menė ? I am a very light sleeper so find it hard to sleep in a shared room with others. Happy to pay extra for this. I can contact Brolių menė directly if that is best? I look forward to hearing from you, Best wishes Kathryn

This event is open for everyone, but if you have no experience in whisking, we'd better recomend the "Healthy sauna basics and introduction to whisking" course (December 2-3). For more information check here:

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I am Pirts Master from Latvia, work in Pirtis with my college Laila as "Lavandas pirtnieki". We are very interested in all aspects of Pirtis and also interested in Lithuanian Pirtis. We worked a little bit in Lithuania too (in Raubonys and Mediniai), we also showed Latvian Pirtis in Switzerland and next year we are going to Great Britain. And now we would like to go to your Whisking Conference. So we have a question - in which language will be the conference? Thank you, Anrijs and Laila

The main language of the conference will be English, but for some people we'll organize translation to Russian.  There is registration form in our webpage, and you still can participate for an early birds price!

You are really welcome!

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I would like to participate in your Artizan whisking, but want to know how long time it takes after the start at 15.00, as I need to go early to the hotel near the airport and go early to bed, as my flight is at 06.35 and Ryanair says I must be in the airport 2 hours befoеr. And can you tell me how I get from the pirtis to the airport hotel?

The program usually lasts for about 3-4 h. We'll take care of you, don't worry about geting to pirtis or to  the hotel. If you have any other whishes, let us know!

Kaunas airport ir really very small, I don't think you need to be here 2 hours before the flight. A quote from the airports webpage: "An airline or a broker should provide you with necessary information on the time and procedure of passenger check-in in advance. Unless you have been informed otherwise, the check-in procedure usually starts two hours before a flight and closes 40 minutes before the departure time." You can check here for more information:

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