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Traditional whisking has ever belonged to Nordic European style of sweat bathing. Lithuanian Bath Acdemy has made tremendous effort to return the ancient art of whisking to our national bath. Whisking was one of the major tpics in the last two Sauna Congresses. A lot of other whisking events has also taken place in Lithuiania, Latvia, Russia during last 12 years. Whisking has undergone fast development and has been re-introduced in a number of steam bathing places. And of course a large number of people has learned and are still actively learning this ancient technique of bodywork.

Lithuanian Bath Academy and Association of Professional Bath Masters organized this Conference in order to keep track of eventual development of contemprary professional and ammateur whisking. To share knowledge about whisking. To discuss and define appropriate whiking terms and definitions. To promote whisking in countries where it is still a novelty. Similar event - I-st International Whisking Conference was organized by Lithuanian Bath Academy in 2014 June in Trakai, Lithuania.

We can now say thet the Conference was a cuccess. Participants from 12 countries and 15 presentations.

Gallery of II International whisking conference

Attention! Due to the private character of pirtis (sauna) photography viewing of some photos is restricted to participants and presenters of The Conference only. If you are participant (presenter) - you can login to the site (upper right corner) to be able to see all photos.


Conference lasted for 3 days. Click to read full programm...

Kaunas, 29th November - 1st December 2019

29th November, Friday. Gather together.

Common bathing and sharing.

30th of November, Saturday. Presentations.

Official opening of the conference. Words from Organizers and supporters: Rimas Kavaliauskas, Birutė Masiliauskienė, Jussi Niemela, Jūratė Martinkėnaitė.

9.30-11.00 First round
Rimas Kavaliauskas
Jussi Niemela
Michael B. Jensen
Katie Bracher
Giedrius Gervys

Communication and discussion. Tea.

11.30-13.00 Second round
Janis Pavlovič
Ondrej Sochurek
Birutė Masiliauskienė
Robertas Gruzinskas

13.00-14.00 Lunch

14.00-15.30 Third round
Eda Veeroja
Igor Iscenko
Audra Staskevičienė
Henadzi Moroz

Communication and discussion. Tea.

16.00-17.30 Fourth round
Rimas Kavaliauskas
Vasily Liakhov
Aridas Pabedinskas
Nikolaj Petrov

Pirtis evening

Steam bath evening. Hot and live presentations of bath basters: Birute Masiliauskiene and Robertas Gruzinskas, Giedrius Gervys, Rimas Kavaliauskas, Eda Veeroja, Henadzi Moroz, Vasily Liekhov, Nikolaj Petrov.

1st of December, Sunday. Conclusion.

Brainstorming. Discussion on therminology and definitions.Conclusions.

Discussion topics

  1. Current situation with whisking in various countries
  2. Definition of whisking
  3. Whisking terminology
  4. Whisking alternatives
  5. Whisking safety
  6. Self whisking
  7. Group whisking
  8. Whisking and steaming microclimate
  9. Various type of individual whisking

Presenter list

  • Audra Staskevičienė (Kaunas, Lithuania)
  • Birutė Masiliauskienė (Kaunas, Lithuania) 
  • Eda Veeroja (Voru, Estija) 
  • Michael B. Jensen (Kopenhagen, Denmark)
  • Kate Bracher (Braitonas,UK)Fully confirmed
  • Aridas Pabedinskas (Skaidiškės, Lithuania)
  • Robertas Gruzinskas (Vilnius, Lithuania)
  • Giedrius Gervys (Vilnius, Lithuania)
  • Rimas Kavaliauskas (Vilnius, Lithuania)
  • Janis Pavlovič (Ryga, Latvija)
  • Jussi Niemela (Espoo, Finland)
  • Igor Iščenko (Kijev, Ukraiea)
  • Ondřej Sochůrek (Čekija)
  • Vasily Liakhov (Moscow, Russia)
  • Nikolaj Petrov (Yekaterinburg, Russia)
  • Henadzi Moroz (Minskas, Bielorus )


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Post Conference events


After Conference there was possible to participate in 3 additional post-conference events. All these required additional registration.

Guests: 3/3
Poderiškiai, Kauno raj., Kaunas
Well known Lithuanian pirtis master Birute inivets you to test gourmet whiskig treatments and perfect smoke sauna.
Guests: 3/6
Bijūnų str. 31, Stanaičių vil., Kaunas county, Alsenai
Professional bath masters Liuda & Arvydas invites you to their pirtis for procedures.
Guests: 4/5
Piliakalnio str. 10, Senoji Pilaitė, Vilnius
Professional bath master Jonas invites you to enjoy hot steam and whisking

Answers to questions

2019-10-03, 00:47:38

I am Pirts Master from Latvia, work in Pirtis with my college Laila as "Lavandas pirtnieki". We are very interested in all aspects of Pirtis and also interested in Lithuanian Pirtis. We worked a little bit in Lithuania too (in Raubonys and Mediniai), we also showed Latvian Pirtis in Switzerland and next year we are going to Great Britain. And now we would like to go to your Whisking Conference. So we have a question - in which language will be the conference? Thank you, Anrijs and Laila

Birutė Masiliauskienė
2019-11-22, 01:23:40

The main language of the conference will be English, but for some people we'll organize translation to Russian.  There is registration form in our webpage, and you still can participate for an early birds price!

You are really welcome!

2019-11-20, 14:33:34

I would like to participate in your Artizan whisking, but want to know how long time it takes after the start at 15.00, as I need to go early to the hotel near the airport and go early to bed, as my flight is at 06.35 and Ryanair says I must be in the airport 2 hours befoеr. And can you tell me how I get from the pirtis to the airport hotel?

Birutė Masiliauskienė
2019-11-21, 11:54:26

The program usually lasts for about 3-4 h. We'll take care of you, don't worry about geting to pirtis or to  the hotel. If you have any other whishes, let us know!

Kaunas airport ir really very small, I don't think you need to be here 2 hours before the flight. A quote from the airports webpage: "An airline or a broker should provide you with necessary information on the time and procedure of passenger check-in in advance. Unless you have been informed otherwise, the check-in procedure usually starts two hours before a flight and closes 40 minutes before the departure time." You can check here for more information:

2019-11-19, 14:02:25

How can I confirm my place in post Conference pirtis?

Rimas Kavaliauskas
2019-11-21, 11:33:24

Registration to "pirtis event" is limited to participants of the Confrence, so you will find your personal regisration link in your "activity zone" after you login to the website. Login is your e-mail and password you should know or please use "remind password" link in the login window - password will be reset and sent to you by e-mail. Please note that places in pirtis procedures are very limited so your place is secured only after advance payment is done. Our system sends automatic confirmation e-mail when your money is recieved (normaly - 30-50 sec).


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