Mythology of trees and herbs

Theoretical theme, which reveals hidden properties of mostly used trees and herbs.

Traditional Lithuanian culture and mythology has very strong connections to the nature. Lithuanians were the lasts pagans in Europe, old knowledges, bealieves and worldview are still a part of everyday life. Understanding plants mythologyand hidden properties of plants are very heplful in rithual saunas or individual work. 

Some topics of this theme:

  • Male and female plants. Reincarnation to the plants.
  • Heaven and underworld plants. Divine play of the opposites.
  • World three.
  • Mythology of the most common plants of Lithuanian pirtis (oak, birtch, linden, juniper, rowan, willow, bird-cherry, pine, spruce, ash etc.).

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Level 1. Bath masters basics

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Introductory course to practical traditional steam bath master rituals.

Lithuanian Bathing Culture and Plants Summer Camp

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Kernavė, Širvintų district, Lithuania
Deep and intense 3-days experience, connecting with Lithuanian bathing culture, nature and plants.

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Melkys vil. Pikeliškių county, Vilnius
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Sauna Aid host training

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Virtual event
Aim of Sauna aid is tohelp people who have experienced emotional shock. It is designed for war refugees but can also help to support other traunatized individuals.