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Sauna cycle

Sauna cyklus DA, Užėjimas LT

It is advisable to warm up in the sauna for 10-15 minutes (depending on the temperature and type of sauna), and cool down gently with a shower or more shockingly with a cold plunge, or ice bucket for at least 10 seconds. Relaxation follows by allowing the body temperature to normalize again which takes about 10-20 minutes before repeating the cycle. The purpose of the cycle is important as a key health benefit by igniting a ‘fever’ the body accelerates healing by producing more white blood cells, which becomes stronger to fighting infections. The body is more powerful and strong by regulating its immune response and regulating body temperature.

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Level 1. Bath masters basics

4 places left
Introductory course to practical traditional steam bath master rituals.

Lithuanian Bathing Culture and Plants Summer Camp

18 places left
Kernavė, Širvintų district, Lithuania
Deep and intense 3-days experience, connecting with Lithuanian bathing culture, nature and plants.

Sauna Garden: Creative Pirtis Festival

14 places left
Melkys vil. Pikeliškių county, Vilnius
The creative space for your traditional bathing experience

Level 2. Family bath master

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Aluonos k., Trakų raj., Lithuania
Intensive bath masters course. Level 2. Whisking and Home SPA.

Art of Whisking

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Melkys vil. Pikeliškių county, Vilnius

Pair Whisking

6 places left
Aluonos k., Trakų raj., Lithuania

Sauna Aid host training

Unlimited places
Virtual event
Aim of Sauna aid is tohelp people who have experienced emotional shock. It is designed for war refugees but can also help to support other traunatized individuals.