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This is will be the first day of your journey to heathy steam bathing. You will be acquainted with essential details of Lithianian pirtis (traditional steam bath - sauna). You will not only watch interesting presentation and will receive a number of advices, but also participate in real gentle and healthy sweat bath ritual. We are sure this experience will change your bathing taste and unveil new ways of perception.

What to expect from this seminar?

There is no perfect bath without knowledge. That is why we want you to grasp and remember basic steam bathing rules and principles. Live and dynamic presentation is illustrated by photos, graphic and illustrations, covering all major aspects of sauna bathing. Information is presented in the form of discussion, there is no paper reading. You will learn many facts from other parts of the world. Įarticipation in theoretical part is required before you head to hot room.

After the theory together with experienced pirtis teachers you will go into: full procedure of traditional steam bath, self whisking, you first whisking tryout Healthy steam bath ABC is interesting and useful nor only to novices in sauna, but also accustomed users, who already stepped on the long way of sauna education. Participants of the course often say: „I have visited sauna for 10 years, but now I feel like going there for the first time!“

Themes covered

Our studies always consist of themes. Please read the full list of themes. During this first day we will cover these practical themes:

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