Family Bathmasters Qualification Test

Date: 2024-06-09, 14:00

3 persons participating. 1 place left. Registration to event is available in My activities page

After compleating full Family Basmasters practical training we invite students to pass the qualification test, so we would guaranty you are able to perform safe and pleasant treatment to your clients. Also, it is good way to test and improve your skills. This is an opportunity to test your knowledge, a way to learn and an incentive to consciously observe, analyse, understand and evaluate your own and others' work.

Students who have completed all the compulsory topics of the Family Baths Masters course are invited to enrol.

Each student will be given 30 minutes to prepare their workstation and demonstrate a classic bathing and body scrub. A full set of whisking and exfoliating products is provided.

Clients of the test - fellow students. The performance is evaluated by teachers and students who fill out one common evaluation sheet. It is evaluated in a 6-point system, with a separate evaluation of whisking and scrubbing. The test is considered passed if the overall average of points is higher than 3.5, and the separately taken whisking and scrubbing is evaluated with a sum of at least 3 points. 


Students having approved Family Bath Masters Qualification test can be appointed to perform the initial training traditional stam bath.

Minimal number of participants

Minimal numbar of participants - 3 persons

Theme covered

Presented by

Rimas & Birute

Birutė Masiliauskienė and Rimas Kavaliauskas

Who can participate

Students, who compleated Level 1 + 2 Family Batmasters training.


100€. At the registration you pay 40€, the rest - upon arrival.

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